My name is Johnny Stubbs I offer guitar tuition in West Sussex. I began learning guitar when I was ten and have loved exploring the intricacies and complexities of the guitar ever since. 

 Over the years I have studied various styles of music and currently offer guitar lessons in: Blues, Rock, Flamenco, Classical, Indie, Pop, and Jazz.

 As a performer and guitar tutor I understand the challenges faced with learning the guitar and help make those challenges easier with a refined teaching technique that points out the pitfalls in learning the guitar. I offer a down to earth approach to learning the guitar, where clear goals are set and learning is structured.

 I have been teaching over ten years now as both a peripatetic and private guitar tutor. I teach both small groups and one to one lessons from age six onwards. I teach all levels and abilities of guitar and enjoy seeing all my students succeed and achieve there goals whatever they may be, big or small?

 Navigate through my site to see how I can help you become a better guitarist today!

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